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Standard LCD Glass Standard LCD  We carry a complete line of standard 2 thru 9 digit LCD's. They all come in standard and extended temperature ranges.
Character Modules Standard LCD Character Modules We also carry a complete line of standard 2, 3, and 4 line dot matrix modules with industry standard interfaces.
Graphic Modules Standard LCD Graphic Modules We have color and monochrome graphic modules of almost every pixel resolution.
Custom LCD
LCD Display  Our engineers can help with every step of the design cycle.  No matter how complex your design needs, we can design a custom LCD to meet your technical and cost requirements.
Custom LCD Modules LCD Graphic Module  A well designed custom LCD module can help reduce costs and add to the design appeal of your product. Our design experts can help you turn your design ideas into a completed module in a few easy steps.
Membrane Switches Membrane Switches from Liquid Crystal Technologies A Membrane Switch is a momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on, or made of, a flexible substrate. They offer a low cost and high reliability compared to other switch technologies.
OLED's are quickly becoming the technology of choice for new designs. Our OLED's are the most reliable and cost effective in the industry.

Rubber Keypads Rubber Keypads Silicone rubber keypads are such an integral part of so many electronic devices that we tend to take them for granted. It is easy to make the mistake that keypads are just a commodity. But in fact, a well-designed and manufactured keypad can contribute as significantly to a product's success as a poor keypad can to its failure.
Low Temperature LCD's Low Temperature LCD Displays We can design and build multiplexed LCD's that operate down to -40oC, and below! Even a VGA or higher resolution display can use our technology. Our patented "Adaptive Addressing" technology works with any display technology.
Elastomeric Connectors Elastomeric Connectors   
LCD type elastomeric connectors can be used for liquid crystal displays, electroflorescent displays and piezoelectric displays.  The connectors consist of carbon impregnated layers of silicone that are separated by non-conductive silicone layers.
LCD Spacers     
We offer a variety of products suitable for all liquid crystal display cell gap spacing requirements; they include spheres and rods.In general, rods are less expensive and used in less demanding applications.
Front Panels  Front Panel Assemblies   
We can supply an entire front panel assembly consisting of a membrane switch or a rubber keypad, an LCD or LCD Module, along with other switches, indicators and an accompanying PCB and power supply.