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Low Temperature Matrix Displays -
"Adaptive Addressing" for enhanced low temperature operation

High Temp Range Display  For  aviation, military or other hostile environments, display operation across a very wide temperature range is extremely important. Unfortunately, most LCD's have a low end operating temperature range that does not meet the demands of your specification.

Typical low temperature requirement may be as low as -40C or maybe even -55C. For a multiplexed display, operation at these temperatures is not possible.

There are a few options:

   1) Get a waiver on the temperature specification.
   2) Add a heater, which severely impacts battery life.
   3) Compromise the complexity of the display used.
   4) Use "Adaptive Addressing" to meet the temperature       requirements.

Our solution,  "Adaptive Addressing" will enable all LCD's, both passive and active matrix, to operate at temperatures that are not feasible by any other means. As an added bonus, the display will also have:

  1. An increased viewing angle.
  2. Better contrast across the entire operating temperature range.
  3. Better high temperature performance.
  4. Lower power consumption than a display that uses classic row / column addressing.

The design of an LCD module using Adaptive Addressing is straightforward, however it does require a very close working relationship with the customer. Because every design requirement is different, the best way to move ahead is to call us at (440) 232-8590 to talk to one of our engineering specialists about how "Adaptive Addressing" can solve your low temperature design problems.

For the technically inclined, our app notes "Basics of Adaptive Addressing" gives a brief description of the design philosophy of adaptive addressing.