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Overview of Adaptive Addressing
"Adaptive Addressing" for enhanced low temperature operation.

Cold temperature LCD operation:

There are basically three factors that cause a problem at low temperatures. Each of these problems will be discussed briefly, and then we will give an overview of how Adaptive Addressing overcomes these limitations:

  1. High Multiplex Rates - The higher the multiplex rate, the worse the performance at low temperatures.

  2. Fluid Threshold Drive Voltage - As the temperature changes, the voltage threshold of the liquid crystal fluid changes.

  3. Response Time - As the temperature changes, the response time of any display get longer.

If you want a high resolution graphics display, item 1 above becomes a problem. Items 2 and 3 are closely related, and are a function of the fluid used to make the display. Because of this, they are totally out of your control.

If you want to cut to the chase and see how Adaptive Addressing works, go here..