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Front Panel Assemblies


Our portfolio of cost-effective front panel assembly services is designed to meet our customer's need for high volume low cost product assemblies.  Our global facilities are capable of a wide range of PCB assembly methods from through-hole and mixed technology to conventional and ultra-fine pitch surface mount technology.  Our experienced staff constantly evaluates current design goals to choose the most cost effective processes available.

Furthermore, our expanded test engineering department ensures that we can meet the technical requirements of our customer's product and ensure consistently reliable product quality.  We can design custom testing methodologies to meet the strictest demands.

Front Panel Assembly


  • United States-based design and product evaluation center
  • Fast turnaround time with counter drawings
  • Minimal costs for prototypes

Electronic Assemblies:

  • Up to 20 layer high density, high reliability PCBs
  • Ball grid array
  • Pin-through-hole technology

LCD Module Assemblies:

  • COB (Chip on Board) & COG (Chip on Glass)
  • Direct Die Attachment
  • TAB (Tape Automated Bonding)
  • Wire Bonding

Product Offerings:

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