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Elastomeric Connectors

Elastomeric connectors are used for liquid crystal displays, electro-florescent displays and piezo-electric displays.  They provide electrical contact between the LCD and the PCB.  Elastomeric connectors are made of a silicone material that is impregnated with conductive carbon layers.  Please reference the drawing below.

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Elastomeric connectors are positioned between the contact ledge of the LCD and the top of the PCB below.  They are usually clamped in place with a plastic or metal bezel that is fastened to the PCB via twist connectors or screws.  When deflected 10% to 15%, the elastomeric connector conforms to the contacted surfaces to create a gas-tight seal.  A spacer should be inserted between the PCB and the LCD to prevent compression of greater than 15% of the elastomer.

The connection densities of 100, 140, or 250 connections per inch along the contact ledge assures redundant contact points to the PCB and also prevents trace-to-trace electrical shorts.

Elastomeric connectors are made primarily of silicone.  Conductivity is achieved via carbon fillers.  The connectors provide a cost-effective, reliable way of connecting an LCD and PCB to each other.  It can also be used to connect two or more PCB together.  Because of the almost infinite variety of contact configurations possible, it can accommodate most contact spacings and widths.

Features & Advantages
1. Low Cost & High Reliability
2. Rapid Assembly & Disassembly (No Soldering)
3. Complete Flexibility of Design
4. Shock & Vibration Protection

5. Non-Abrasive & Non-Corrosive



1000 ohms

Current Carrying Capacity:

5 mA

Resistance Between Conductor Layers:

1012ohms minimum

Dielectric Constant:


Temperature Range:

Standard -40o to +175oC

Humidity Range:

0 to 100%

Layer Durometer




65 Shore A

50 Shore A

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