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Liquid Crystal Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and their related products, including front panel assemblies. Liquid Crystal Technologies can incorporate all the electronics of a front panel assembly, which consist of such things as liquid crystal modules (LCMs), membrane switches, rubber keypads, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) and their related components (i.e. LEDs, etc.).

Liquid Crystal Display Cleanroom

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We offer LCDs & OLEDs to satisfy the design requirements of almost any application.
Liquid Crystal Shutters
We supply small and large liquid crystal shutters for many different applications, including 3D, entertainment, and scientific applications. More...
Low Temperature LCDs
We offer multiplexed liquid crystal modules (LCMs) that operate down to -40oC without a heater! Even a VGA or higher resolution module can utilize our exclusive technology. More...
Design Assistance
Our expert design team is available between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm EST Monday thru Friday. Please contact us at 440-232-8590 to speak with one of our Engineering Support Specialists.

Standard LCD Glass Character Modules Graphic Modules OLED Modules
Standard LCD Standard LCD Character Modules Standard LCD Graphics Modules OLED Modules
Custom LCD Glass Custom LCD Modules Low Temp LCD Modules Rubber Keypads
Custom Liquid Crystal Displays LCD Modules Low Temperature Liquid Crystal Display Rubber Keypads
Membrane Switches Elastomeric Connectors LCD Spacers  
Membrane Switches Elastomeric Connectors Liquid Crystal Spacers