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Free Liquid Crystal Display Experimenter's Kit

Our LCD Experimenter's kit is intended to show how easy it is to drive an LCD shutter. You will learn about polarizers and how to apply them, appropriate drive waveforms, and general handling precautions for LCDs. While this kit will not make you an expert, it will make it easy to put a scope on the display terminals and understand the waveforms before you move up to something more difficult.

This kit is intended for qualified engineers who are designing an LCD circuit or who are investigating LCDs as a solution to a design challenge. We send the kits via the USPS, if you need it quicker, please include your UPS, DHL or FEDX account number with your request. International requests require a UPS, DHL or FedX account number.

The "Kit" consists of:

  1. A transmissive TN shutter approximately 1" x 1", or a transmissive TN shutter approximately 4" x 1.5", or a transmissive pi cell shutter approximately 1.5" x 1.0".

  2. Two transmissive polarizer pieces to apply to the front and back of the display. Or a cell that is already polarized in a positive image mode (it takes away some of the fun, but you don't have to worry about getting the polarizers on evenly.)

  3. Instructions on how to polarize the display in either a positive image or negative image mode. (It's easy)

  4. Applications note on how to drive the shutter.

  5. Choose the pi cell if you need very fast switching (video rates). Our supply of pi cells is rather limited, so use the project description field on the form below to convince us that you really need one.

  6. To receive the kit, please fill out the form below, all fields are required.

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