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LCD Spacers

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General Information:

Thank you for your interest in LCD spacers.  We offer a variety of products suitable for all liquid crystal display cell gap spacing requirements, including sphere- and rod-shaped spacers.  In general, rod-shaped spacers are less expensive and used in less demanding applications.

Spacer particle size is measured in micrometers (um) and varies greatly, as do their prices.  In general, the smaller the particle size, the higher the cost.  Silica is available from 1.0 to 9.0 um, and plastic from 3.0 to 30.0 um.  Diameter sizes of spacers are available in increments of 0.1 um.  We require a minimum order size of 10 grams and incremental increases of 5 grams.

Liquid Crystal Technologies offers three types of spacers: plastic and silica, and for some special applications, conductive.
Plastic spacers are composed of a divinylbenzene material that is designed to be compressed between two substrates.
Click Here for information on Plastic Spacers
Silica spacers are a much harder material that is capable of providing tighter particle size distribution. Click Here for information on Silica Spacers
Conductive spacers are used in conductive gaskets for LCDs or for conductive epoxies, chip on glass (COG) technology, vertical conduction of LCD panels, and anisotropic conductive film / ink. Click Here for information on Conductive Spacers

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