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Silica Spacers

Silica spacers have a number of uses in the manufacturing of LCDs.  They can be used in the viewing area of a display to maintain cell spacing where the compression of a plastic spacer is not acceptable.  For example, a low density of silica spacers is sometimes used in STN displays, where a uniform cell gap is more critical than in a normal TN display.

Silica spacers (in combination with a sealant) are also used by LCD manufacturers to help seal the LCD edges.  The spacers act as an aggregate to the normal seal material to provide a more robust material.  Silica spacers are used because they have a higher resistance to compression than plastic spacers.

In general, silica spacers are used because they have a better particle size distribution than chopped glass fiber, thus resulting in better cell gap control.

Two types of grades are available: soft type and hard type.  The soft type is more elastic than the hard type.




Silica Dioxide


Soft type, hard type, black-colored type


Sphere-shaped, transparent, silica beads with hardness and fine particle size distribution


LCD seal (inelastic)


Adhesive coating


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