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Membrane Switch Connectors

The connector style used to terminate membrane switch cables is usually called a flex circuit. They are generally very thin flexible PC boards printed on mylar or some other flexible substrate. The conductors run the entire length of the flexible mylar strip and come out the end of the flex connector on .100" centers. The connectors are usually .025" square pins.

We will usually refer to the connectors are "Berg" connectors, as the Berg style is the style of choice for many users. They are, however, not the only maker of connectors, Amp, Nicomatic, and Molex being the other big suppliers. If you have a preference, please let us know, otherwise we will use a Berg style connector.

Each Vendors connectors have advantages and disadvantages, here are the highlights:

  1. Berg - The Berg style is a single row connector, multiple rows are not possible. The style offers only limited variations, however if the single row connector is needed, Berg is the connector of choice. There are two plug types that this connector utilizes, latching and non-latching. Most people us the non latching type as it generally provides a satisfactory connection, while the latching type give maximum reliability in rough environments.
  2. AMP - In the usual AMP tradition, they offer a great number of variations, and by experimenting with the different types you can come up with a solution for almost any application. Multiple row, card edge, male, solder tab, latching and detent styles are only a few of the options.
  3. Nicomatic - The Nicomatic line is very similar to Berg. They are just as reliable and somewhat cheaper. If you're not hung up on the Berg name, Nicomatic is a good substitute.
  4. Molex - Is Molex, that is their offerings  are somewhere between the Berg/Nicomatic type and the AMP smorgasbord.

The plating of the connectors are usually Tin/Lead or gold at the user interface end. The gold obviously adds cost and is usually not specified. If your company is on the "Lead Free" manufacturing bandwagon, let us know early in the design so we can make the adjustment.