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Anatomy of a Rubber Keypad

Most rubber keypads are custom design to a specific customer drawing. While designing a rubber keypad, there are a few things that can be done to help reduce costs and improve performance.

A few of the critical issues are:

  • Most options, such as thru holes, graphics, colors, coatings, tighter tolerances, and lower contact resistance, will increase the end piece part costs. (They will also give you a more attractive and more reliable product.)
  • Round keys reduce both manufacturing and tooling costs.
  • Flat top keys reduce tooling costs.
  • Laser etching is very expensive

The "pill" is pushed onto the PCB, and makes the electrical connection.

The "web" design determines the amount of tactile feedback. See below.


Web Design


Slant Style

Recommended for high force applications, where greater tactile feedback is required.


Flat Style

For applications where no tactical feedback is required.

Dome Style

Recommended for low force applications with higher travel