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Plastic Spacers

Plastic spacers are used by LCD manufacturers to assure the accuracy of the liquid crystal cell gap.  Exact particle size distribution eliminates cell gap abnormalities, thus preventing uneven coloration across the display. 

Three types of grades are available and each of them differs by the accuracy of their particle diameter, referred to as variance (standard deviation / average particle diameter).  A black-colored type grade is available also.  It offers excellent light shielding properties, thus, resulting in better contrast.  Additional options such as an adhesive coating, prevents movement of the spacers after being sprayed onto the LCD glass and when exposed to vibration. 

Another option is a liquid crystal aligning layer that is used for higher grade displays.  The aligning layer prevents light from passing through the surrounding liquid crystals, thus, resulting in better contrast.  Plastic spacers can withstand a wide temperature range and are resistant to chemicals.  






Standard precision type (variance of 5 to 6%), medium precision type (variance of 4% or less), high precision type (variance of 3% or less), black-colored type


Spherically-shaped, transparent, plastic beads with elasticity and fine particle size distribution


LCD cell gap (elastic)


Adhesive coating, liquid crystal aligning layer

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