Membrane Switch Specs for Liquid Crystal Technnology

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Membrane Switches -Typical Specifications

Momentary contact membrane switches bring together extreme electrical accuracy and very long product lifetimes in a very attractive package that looks as good as it performs.

Some typical electrical characteristics are listed below:

Electrical Minimum Maximum
Operating Voltage (V) 1 50
Operating Current (ma) .05 100
Switch Power (W) .00025 1.5
Contact Resistance (ohm) 1 -
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
After 96 hrs. @ 40oC, 95%RH
Breakdown Voltage (V)    500
Contact Bounce (msec)   ~20
Switch Capacitance (pf)   ~25
Life Expectancy (cycles) 107  


Environmental Minimum Maximum
Shock (G)   50
Vibration (G, 10-200 Hz)   20
Operating Temperature (oC) -40 +85
Storage Temperature (oC) -40 +85
Humidity (%)   95


Mechanical Minimum Maximum
Actuation Force (oz) .2 20
Switch Panel Size No Restrictions
Switch Size (in) ~.375 x .375  
Switch Spacing (in) ~.123  

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