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An Active Domain LCD Shutter

We have developed a new type of Liquid Crystal Active Domain Shutter which overcomes a few of the limitations of a traditional LCD shutter. A few of its characteristics are:
  • It does not use any polarizers.
  • It does not "scatter" light, but actually deflects it from your sensor.
  • It has about 95% light transmission in it's "clear" state.
  • Contrast ratio of ~ 10,000:1 can be achieved.
  • Normal TN type switching speeds.
  • Simple square wave drive signal required.
  • Device is polarization independent.
LCD Shutter
This revolutionary patented device might be the perfect solution for any application where the 50% light loss of a classic LCD shutter is not acceptable.

Go here to read the technical description of our new "Active Domain LCD Shutter" or call (440)232-8590 to talk to one of our applications specialists.